I love cross-fit training.

It’s official.

I really like this style of working out.  It’s not about raw strength, but the combination of strength and conditioning to build and maintain your core strength.  I have been working out in the gym since 2003 where I primarily focused on the classical strength training routines.

The strength training exercises worked well in helping me lose over 60 pounds over the course of 4-5 months back in 2003.  Since then I have kept up the training.  But within the past year I was reaching a plateau and I was starting to gain weight again.  The wonderful part about your body is that it is inherently lazy and will always take the path of least resistance.  So as the variety of exercises that I was doing in the gym reach a regular routine, my body worked around it and I stopped losing weight, along with a  lot of motivation to keep going.

I reached out to a trainer who has been teaching me cross fit routines, and I thought I was in shape, but wow.. I keep learning new limits, new exercises, and I am motivated again to get into the gym.  When I was just strength training, I would constantly be fighting my diet, watching what I eat because if I didn’t, the strength training was not burning enough calories to compensate for mistakes in the diet.  Cross fit training on the other hand, lets me have these lapses in my diet without affecting my weight as much as it has in the past.

My typical exercise routine consists of 4 basic parts

  • warmup – the warmup for me consists of about a 10 minute walk on a treadmill followed by a 500 meter row on a rowing machine.  I sometimes substitute a 1/2 mile run or 10 minutes on a cycle machine for the row.  typically I use the rowing because it hits your core (torso) really good.
  • stretching – I don’t do static stretching anymore.  For stretching, I focus on lunges, walking and balance exercises that stretch the legs torso and upper body.  I also have problems with my rotator cuffs so I work in some physical therapy for the shoulders here.
  • strength/conditioning/skill – this stage of the workout will be one of the following, but not all depending on the last stage of the workout.
    • strength workouts are just that.  Pick your favorite exercise for a particular muscle group your working on, and have at it.  I like to mix it up with one rep max’s and dropping the weights a little and increasing the reps.
    • Conditioning – conditioning exercises are more cardiovascular in nature.  They might be as simple as jump rope intervals, or rowing on an interval, time, or distance.  A mile run for time is a good exercise for this stage of the workout.
    • Skill – If we are doing a skill workout, then I am learning a new exercise, or practicing my form on a routine I should already know.
  • conditioning/endurance – this is always the hardest part of the workout.  At this point in the workout, your tired, and you need to get all your energy to focus on the WOD… Usually in this stage, the more simple the workout sounds, the harder it will be.  The conditioning rounds are typically some type of circuit training.  In my last workout, this stage of the workout was as follows:
    • 20, 15, and 10 reps of the following for time
      • wall ball with a 25 kg ball
      • ball slams with a 15 kg ball
      • row for calories

That last exercise was hard as you would not expect, but I enjoy it.  It keeps me in shape, with a shaper mind which is very helpful when dodging cones on any given sunday.