The Boondoggle!

Yesterday I went to round 1 of the San Francisco regions SCCA autocross.  The event was held up at oakland coliseum.  Oakland coliseum has a sealed asphalt surface.  It was resealed about 3 years ago and the grip is consistent, but the course can get dirty as the day continues.  It’s not bad, and it will be where the SCCA will be holding the majority of our events for the near future.

This was the first event event with a semi-competitive setup.  Over the past winter I bought some new rims and trailing links which let me run a much larger and wider rim and tire.  The tires are actually a bit small for the rims, but that’s another post.  The car felt really good.  I put a fresh alignment on the car over the weekend after mounting the new tires.

With today’s event, we got 4 runs which might have been a mistake.  We had a lot of delays getting people registered, and continued to have problems with bad or missing registrations and timer issues that slowed down the first run group to a crawl..  It was painful working that run group.


photo courtesy of ho-doung

I ran in the second run group.  My first run was a bit crazy, I had no idea how much tire pressures to run with these new tires, so I had the pressures a bit too high.  With the cold tires and overinflated tires lead to some lurid slides on my first run.  But after checking the wear I dropped the pressures to a more workable pressure and set out for my second run.

The second run was much better, I cut 9 seconds off my first time, and got within 1/2 second of the SM leader.  Sadly, I kept hitting cones on my last 3 runs, but the raw times were very consistent.

I have completely forgotten how to use my go-pro camera.  I only got video on my last run of the day.  And that video is not the best quality because the camera was only setup for 30fps and I keep dropping frames.  So the video quality is not there, but hopefully I can salvage some video from what little I recorded.

The next event is with the UFO club next weekend.  I need to put on a fresh alignment and make some improvements to my setup before next Sunday.