Boondoggle video

I got some video of my last run uploaded.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get my other 3 runs due to some operator errors on my part.   In this video I am launching using the cars launch control.  Its fun to use sometimes when you have the room.

This run was sloppy on my part.  I launched ok, and carried some decent speed into the center section of the course where I lost grip at the wrong point and just understeered out of a somewhat fast corner.  I then proceeded to hit the what was apparently the same cone I kept hitting..  I was told that a lot of people had problems with that, but never mind.  The car felt good.  Once I got heat into the tires I was able to keep the back end where I wanted it for the most part.  I need to work on the alignment more, the front camber is too negative and that is affecting my straight line braking (hence the cone-age)

you can find the video here.

My 4th run of the day